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History of the United States Podcast Episode 42: 1778

Hello all! Looking at the calendar, I got this one in a bit sooner than others in recent times. I’ll keep working on it. In this episode, we go from Valley Forge, through the Battle of Monmouth and out to the west with George Rogers Clark. Some new players are involved and some old ones move away. If nothing else, 1778 sees the war pivot from the north to the south, though the fighting wouldn’t quite move that fast. That will have to wait until 1779!

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The History of the United States Podcast Episode 41: The End of 1777

In today’s cast we cover Washington’s worst defeat, the impact of Saratoga and a new form of government. All neat and tidy in 20 minutes!


The History of The United States Podcast Episode 40: 1777 Part One

Don’t look now, but there is a new podcast coming your way! This time through I discuss the happenings of 1777 through October. I also discuss the long delay and perhaps having a remedy for such things. We get to the battle of Saratoga, women in the Revolution and Washington’s New Jersey second half. Not necessarily in that order. See you, sooner I hope, next time!


History of the United States Podcast Episode 39: The War of Independence Part One 1776

Good to be back! Been a while I know, but sometimes, things just keep getting away. So here we are, the War of Independence, the Revolution! I think as things go, I’ll go year by year through the war up until 1781, then speed things up a bit again. In this episode, we take a look at a most pivotal year, 1776. Independence is declared, the army is fully engaged and the fighting is very real throughout the former colonies, now states. Grand news at podcast central, I’ll be getting the week between Christmas and New Year’s off, so hopefully more time spent on the podcast to come.

The History of the United States Podcast: Episode 38 Road to Revolution Part 4

As Lorne Michaels once said, “The show doesn’t go on because it’s perfect it goes on because it’s 11:30.” And such it is as I watch Saturday Night Live that the podcast is going up.  I was playing around with recording on my voice memo and editing with GarageBand. It didn’t go so well. I like the voice memo, but the editing was not…logical. Couldn’t make cuts like I wanted, no fade ins or fade outs. But before I got it back to my office and my other editing software, two more days would have passed. So let’s get to the revolution.

And that is where we are. The revolution is upon us! We ended last time at the Boston Tea Party. We end this cast at December 31, 1775 and a lot happens. Forgive the edits, but please enjoy the content.

The History Of The United States: Episode 37 The Road To Revolution Part 3: Trouble With Tea

Hello again! This episode takes us through the various attempts to tax tea on the colonies, all met with various means of resistance. The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party and the activities of the Massachusetts legislature are all covered here. But thanks to the wonders of podcasting, some other areas are covered as well.

A quick audio note: In the constant pursuit of better sound, I tried a new mic, a snowflake, which is its nickname. You audiophiles out there probably know the proper name and specs. Sadly, I’m not pleased. Another trick to try on the next cast!



History of United States Podcast: Episode 36 The Road to Revolution Part 2 The Stamp Act Crisis

In this cast we continue on to 1776. Ten years prior an act, the Stamp Act would create a storm unlike anything seen in the colonies.  When the crisis was over, things seemed to be back to normal, but in fact nothing would ever quite be the same.



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